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Upholstery cleaning

When have you professionally cleaned your upholstery lately? The recommended average interval for upholstery cleaning is between 12 months to 24 months depending on traffic. If you are out of this range, you definitely need to call us for our high-quality upholstery cleaning services. The recommendation is to maintain clean and healthy upholstery fabrics and not get to the stage they are in a bad condition. But if you have reached that stage – we are here to help. In addition, there is always that case where and “accident” has happened. In that case, don’t wait – call us immediately as time is against the success of removing a sudden stain. We spend a large amount of our day and sometimes night very close to our upholstery, when watching tv, talking to friends and family or just chilling out and we definitely don’t want to have a bad health hazard on or in our upholstery.

We Professional Upholstery Cleaner can accommodate your needs starting with a basic maintenance upholstery cleaning service up to a fully heavy-duty upholstery cleaning service. We can also help you with special needs such as dry cleaning, leather upholstery cleaning and conditioning, stubborn stains in upholstery, urine upholstery treatment, odor treatment to upholstery, wine spills on upholstery, gum removal from upholstery, wax removal from upholstery, Flea and tick treatment for upholstery, mold treatment for upholstery and many more.

l free to call us with any question or concern you have with your carpets and we will be happy to assist you in any way. Our highly trained office staff and technicians are here to help and clean your carpets so you can enjoy them and keep them well for many years to go.

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