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Kitchen Remodeling Incorporating the Latest Trends and Materials

July 12, 2018 No Comment

Although you want a kitchen remodeling project your own tastes and personality, you also may want to get ideas from current trends. You want the end result to improve your kitchen’s functionality and make it a more beautiful room.

Remodeling your kitchen doesn’t start and end with new cabinets. To get a new look, you want to consider all surface areas. Here are some ideas based on current trends.

Kitchen Layout

Establishing the optimum “work triangle” has often been touted as a goal with Kitchen Remodeling in Rockville MD. This working zone has been defined as the pathways to/from the refrigerator, food preparation and cooking areas. The goal with the “triangle” is to improve kitchen efficiency by making these pathways unobstructed and with easy reach.

However, this traditional concept is being replaced by a kitchen layout that focuses more on workstations. Just like in the workplace, contemporary kitchens are considering a more ergonomic design. Rather than using the “work triangle,” modern kitchens are designed with functional areas in mind, including food preparation, cooking, cleaning and eating “zones.”

The use of islands fits well into this concept. For example, an island can contain a sink, storage, food prep area. This freestanding area allows tasks to be completed in one location.

Kitchen Floors

As one of the most traversed rooms in the house, kitchen floor materials require serious consideration. Regardless of the material used, you want your floor to last as long as possible and require the minimum amount of maintenance. Of course, contributing to the beauty of your new Kitchen Remodeling Services Near Me is a must as well.


Changing the lighting in a kitchen can have a dramatic effect on the overall look. You want to balance good working light with appealing light for dining.

Past options included recessed and track lighting. However, trends today favor smaller, strategically placed lights suspended from the ceiling. This type of lighting provides light to be directed where needed. All kinds of styles are available to complement your kitchen remodeling design theme.

Surface Areas

Natural materials continue to top trends for counters. Soapstone, slate, granite, quartz, and marble are popular choices for homeowners because of their durability and beauty. Also, homeowners today are mixing natural materials to create more interest in their kitchen design.


Cabinets have the potential to change the look and feel more than any other element in your kitchen remodeling project. If your kitchen needs to be expanded, or your existing cabinet layout is not functional, you’ll probably benefit more from replacing rather than refacing your cabinets. Just keep in mind the purpose of your cabinets is storage, so don’t sacrifice functionality for beauty. You can have it all when it comes to your cabinets!

State-of-the-Art Appliances

It seems anything goes for today’s appliances. You can find refrigerators with televisions integrated. Design features, such as French doors, can be found. Cooking appliances can have built-in rotisseries, glass top ranges or even wood-burning brick ovens. The trend in appliances is more toward commercial cooking and stainless steel continues to be the material of choice.

Although you may want to dive right into a Professional Kitchen Remodeling Services project, you should take your time to fully understand what you want. Look at magazines, websites and model homes to get ideas for your kitchen. Then, work with a qualified contractor to help you realize your dream!

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